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Activated Carbon Application

G R Carbon Pvt Ltd offers solutions for a wide range of purification applications. Depending on the application, we can offer solutions based on activated carbon or other media. G R Carbon can run tests in the technical service laboratory to evaluate new activated carbon applications under suitable conditions.
Our wide range of activated carbon products is produced from different base materials such as coal (anthracite, bituminous sub- bituminous and lignite), coconut shells and wood (both soft and hard) with chemical and thermal processes at elevated temperatures. As a result, we offer a wide range of products with different pore sizedistribution, surface area.

Depending on the activated carbon application, we can apply several post treatment steps such as acid washing, pulverising, etc… to adjust the product properties to the application. Depending on the application such as
    water and liquid applications
  • air and gas applications

Depending on the application, our activated carbon specialists can assist in selecting the appropriate, tailor-made solution for :
  • Purification of water not intended for human consumption – Removal of substances which are potentially environmentally harmful to our natural water sources (e.g. groundwater remediation).
  • Purification of water for human consumption – Purification of water at municipal drinking water treatment works or in home filters.
  • Industrial processes – Purification of process liquids and catalyst processes at petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical plants(e.g. amino acid purification).
  • Food ingredients’ and products’ purification – Applications in the food and beverage production processes.
  • Air purification – Industrial or domestic air purification solutions such as odour control or removal of environmentally harmful molecules from the atmosphere (VOC).
  • Gas purification – Separation and purification of gases such as biogas, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, syngas, etc.
  • Personal and collective protection – Activated carbon for cigarette filters, first responders, gas masks and collective shelters, etc.